Sri Sastha was established in 2011, ever since it consistently investing in R & D to development and giving permananent solution to textile spinning industry in electronics servicing. Sri Sastha with its strong on customer satisfaction has delivered world class quality products which is reflected in its market with 500+ satisfied customers.

To be path breaking, leader in innovative application of technologies.

To develop new market solutions and service by foreseeing customer requirements. To ensure customer delight with respect to the quality and value of our solutions and services

Meachanical Wrap Wheel

Quality Control Machines

Sri Sastha provides wide range of machines right from the yarn winding to yarn balance counter

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Pricol Counter Panel


Sri Sastha provides all kinds of panels for all the leading manufactured machines and devices

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  • Siemens OP7 and OP77 servicing.Program updating and new metal panel replacement
  • Carding PV600, PV600+ servicing, new touch & new display replacement
  • LRSB 851 display (E600) servicing and display replacement
  • Pricol counter servicing, front metal plate replacement & Full unit available
  • All types of inverter servicing
  • All types of counters & Thermister control servicing
  • Siemens and all other brands PLC servicing
  • Auto corner Schlafhrost 238, 338 boards servicing & display replacement
  • Converting carding machine & RSB 851 display unit to delta touch screen
  • Trumac carding PCB servicing
  • OHTC PLC, PCB servicing and also PLC conversion available
  • Servicing of all brand compressor controller
  • All display and touch available for textile machinaries
  • Castor wheels for spinning cans 60 dia & 80 dia available
  • Spares for compact spinning
  • Customized control pannels & Safety covers provided